Mansplaining on the dancefloor!Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Mansplaining on the dancefloor!
Стиль: punk
Страна: Different Countries
Качество: 128-320 Kbits
Размер: 192,9 Mb

4PROPRI8 — Road Trip
A Spoon Called Phranc-Bloody Knowledge
Aivery-You Got Lost
Ana Trash (aka Boom Boom Trash)-Full of Shit
Cat Bear Tree-Crayons
Daisied-Cannibal Eye
Dead by Pregnancy-Sexism
Doll Fight!-Plastic Revolution
Drained Glory-Terminal
Factory Acts-Stock Exchange
Fred and Bob-Lady
in_stereonuts-No, This Song Is Not About You
Lilidollrage-Goddess Of Nothing
Louise Distras-The Hand You Hold
Luise Pop-Fast And Frightening
Mean Bikini-Sick Of Love
Mistress Distress-Shut Up And Die
Molasses-No Weaker A Being
Psy’Aviah-On My Own
Punc(ke-Ritam Kaosa
Salto Nel Buio-La Paura Non Trionfeà
Secondhand Underpants-Get in the Car
See The Train, It’s Yours-The Dream Machine
Sick Sad World-Microwave Cakes
Squid-Leave us alone
The Bloody Muffs-Yoink!
The Boys-Stripper
The Cryptics-Bluebell
Tittenbonus-666 Kisses
V For Vagina — Les Filles De Bikini Kill (You Are Not The Queen Of My Neigbourghood)
Verveine-Wild Recording
Шапка! (Schabka!)-Поидите Домой (Poiditje damoi)

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